Your Breast Cancer Care Team

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed and treated cancer at Main Line Health.

The experts in our Breast Cancer Program are at the forefront of advancements in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. As a breast cancer patient, your dedicated care team will partner with you to provide transparent, personalized, and highly-coordinated care throughout your entire breast cancer journey, from screening to survivorship.

Expert Care and Compassion

Main Line Health utilizes comprehensive and highly-coordinated care at each of our four NAPBC-accredited breast health centers. These centers serve our vast patient populations with a focus on proactive prevention via early detection and state-of-the-art screening as well as a dedication to individualized approaches to treatment and therapy. Patients also have access to genetic counseling and risk assessment programs and expedited biopsy and diagnostic results.

Our patients benefit from the focused attention of our multi-disciplinary care teams, and can rely on the expertise of our specialists in surgical oncology, radiation therapy, pathology, reconstructive surgery, interventional therapies, and oncology social work. All treatment decisions are centered on the patient and are made with the full support of their entire care team. This collaboration and transparency help to ensure that each patient receives optimal care that prioritizes their individual health needs.

Breast cancer patients are also assigned to a dedicated nurse navigator, an experienced oncology nurse who can assist with all aspects of their cancer care. Nurse navigators are there to answer questions about treatment and condition management, to coordinate specific treatment details, and to offer one-on-one guidance and support throughout a patient’s entire recovery journey.

Ongoing Support

Your care team will be with you throughout every phase of your cancer journey, even after you’ve completed your treatment plans. Patients continue to receive dedicated support from their care teams during recovery, rehabilitation, and well into survivorship.

Survivorship care teams work closely with patients to alleviate stress by addressing common post-treatment concerns. Survivorship care teams also diligently monitor signs of recurrence, identify and mitigate late treatment effects, and strive to optimize the quality of life for each member of our growing community of survivors. In addition to survivorship care, Main Line Health also offers breast cancer survivors the opportunity to connect and share as part of the Breast Cancer Survivors Group, now offering virtual meetings each month.

Our Survivorship Program is designed to assist patients with their transition to life after treatment, and to navigate aspects of their health that their cancer history may still affect. Our program offers patients access to physicians and therapists who specialize in fertility preservation, sexual health, and breastfeeding. The program also incorporates an array of integrated holistic care options that support our patients’ cognitive and emotional health throughout recovery and survivorship.

Visit the Main Line Health website to hear more from our expert cancer care teams or to learn about our specialized breast cancer care offerings.

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