Moving Forward

Over the past several days, areas of the country have begun taking steps to return to “normal” in the wake of COVID-19, taking a phased approach to reopening businesses, public spaces, and health care facilities. And while many people are excited about a return to life pre-Coronavirus, there’s still much concern about the safety of public spaces — Are they clean? Should I still wear a mask? How do I know if the place I’m going to is taking precautions to keep me safe?

Many hard-hit communities and states in our area—Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York—continue to be cautious about reopening too quickly. State and regional leaders continue to enforce the importance of measures like limiting travel, social distancing, and masking, even after stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.

Generally, it is safe to revisit places where you can still continue these practices. And, in most instances, businesses or public spaces that are reopened continue to have a limit on the amount of people who can enter the area or have a strict set of guidelines that visitors should follow. If you continue to self-monitor for symptoms and practice safety measures, you can safely return to activities and places approved by your state.

Post-COVID care at Main Line Health

As we continue our recovery planning and begin to resume operations, Main Line Health has put several measures in place to ensure the continued safety and health of our patients, employees, and community, including:

  • Installing social distancing signage and floor markers at all Main Line Health facilities.
  • Requiring all employees, patients and visitors to wear a mask.
  • Continuing visitor restrictions and screenings for all patients who enter our facilities.

Additionally, we’re asking our employees and visitors to continue to follow preventive measures, like practicing social distancing at home and following proper hand hygiene. These measures aren’t just important for stopping the spread of infection at our facilities, they also help keep our neighbors and community safe.

Like most businesses, Main Line Health is taking a phased approach to reopening our facilities and rescheduling appointments. Telemedicine services, now offered for Main Line Health patients, will continue to be a resource to help us triage non-urgent or time-sensitive medical needs so we can limit the amount of people who visit our physician offices.

Telemedicine is an alternative to in-office visits but don’t forget—physicians are still available and conducting office visits. If you have a health question or concern, contact your primary care provider who can offer you direction on whether your visit should be in-person or virtual.

Main Line Health hospitals are taking a gradual approach to reinstating elective surgeries, which are those that are not time-sensitive, and will begin to reschedule procedures in the coming weeks. Surgeries are evaluated and rescheduled on a case-by-case basis, always keeping the safety of the patient in mind.

We may not know yet what our “new normal” will be after COVID-19 but, whatever it is, Main Line Health remains committed to putting the safety of our patients, employees and visitors first. Visit the Main Line Health website to learn more about our COVID-19 response, or to find more information and resources regarding our continued safety and prevention measures.

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