A Comprehensive Approach to Cardiac Care

Protecting your heart health is a life-long commitment. Caring for your heart requires looking at it holistically – from understanding your family history and unique risks to managing your lifestyle and the day-to-day factors that contribute to your heart health.

If your personal approach to protecting your heart is comprehensive, then your doctor’s should be too. At Main Line Health, we ensure that each patient receives personalized care while developing innovative treatments and adapting to the evolving landscapes of cardiovascular medicine.

Advanced Cardiac Care

You do a lot to protect your heart; you exercise, you eat well, you keep your doctor’s appointments – all of these are important, as they can help you understand, manage, and lower your risk for heart disease or major cardiac events. But, when a cardiac event does happen, having access to advanced cardiac care is crucial.

At Main Line Health’s Lankenau Heart Institute (LHI), our expert, multidisciplinary team of cardiac physicians offer specialized care and ongoing support for patients who experience symptoms of cardiac or vascular conditions, including those who suffer a major heart event. This advanced level of comprehensive care is a vital defense for cardiac patients, as it incorporates a prompt diagnosis, thorough evaluation, highly personalized treatment options, and long-term rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Patients also have access to dedicated support and resources designed to help them adopt a lifestyle that leads to a healthier heart. Our commitment to comprehensive care means our LHI team members are with you through every phase of your heart health journey, from diagnosis to recovery and beyond.

Main Line Health’s Advanced Valve and Aortic Center (AVAC)

The Advanced Valve and Aortic team at LHI offers multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment of valvular heart disease and thoracic aortic disease using the most advanced cardiac imaging modalities, interventional (or catheter-based) technologies, and minimally invasive approaches available.

At the Advanced Valve and Aortic Center (AVAC), specialists in cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, and cardiovascular imaging collaborate in all aspects of care for patients with valve and aortic disease—from initial consultation and evaluation through development of a tailored treatment plan and long-term follow up.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of specialists provide:

  • Evaluation of patients using state-of-the art diagnostic testing
  • Ongoing comprehensive care of patients with disease of the aorta, mitral, aortic and tricuspid valves and cardiac structural defects
  • Genetic screening for patients and families of patients with genetic disorders
  • Ongoing research and education to provide patients with high quality and innovative therapies

The Lankenau Heart Institute has a wide inventory of the world’s most advanced, ground-breaking cardiovascular clinical trials that encompasses medical and surgical devices, drug therapy and minimally invasive options. Research that has been conducted at the Lankenau Heart Institute has led not only to the development of new drugs, devices and procedures, but many of which have become the standard of care for patients.

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