Our Commitment To The Communities We Serve

Making a change to your health isn’t easy, and it can be even harder if health information, advice and practitioners are difficult to access. That’s why Main Line Health is bringing health into the community.

We start by looking at what’s important to people and the places they naturally gather. We look at faith-based groups, schools, libraries, nonprofit organizations – even neighborhood corner stores – and figure out a way to reach people at these locations. Over the years, we’ve developed partnerships and initiatives with several local organizations, including:

  • Together for West Philadelphia – This was created by Main Line Health and is now an independent collaborative effort between 30 organizations throughout the Philadelphia area. The goal is to ensure equitable care and equal opportunity for all.
  • Farmers Markets Sponsorship – Main Line Health sponsors eight large farmers markets across the Philadelphia area. Our health educators visit these farmers markets to provide free nutrition information, seasonal recipes, blood pressure screenings and family-oriented wellness activities.
  • Heart Smart Corner Stores – In partnership with The Food Trust, Main Line Health sends health educators to corner stores in West Philadelphia to help residents learn how to make small changes to improve their health, including lowering their risk for heart disease. Participants in the program earn ‘Heart Smart’ Bucks, which can be redeemed for healthy foods at participating corner stores in Philadelphia.
  • Medical Student Advocate Program – Main Line Health works in collaboration with Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to have medical students work with our patients and connect them with community resources. This collaboration helps us address both clinical and social needs and helps medical students become better physicians.
  • Free Library of Philadelphia Partnership – Main Line Health collaborates with select library branches to provide preventive health screenings and connect people with community health resources. Visit the Free Library of Philadelphia to find participating library branches.
  • Greener Partners – This initiative focuses on the intersection of farming and education. Main Line Health’s Deaver Wellness Farm, provides an opportunity to help people discover and learn more about where food comes from. We also give our patients fresh produce as a prescription for wellness in primary care settings.
  • Office of the Mayor Community Schools Initiative – Main Line Health brings healthcare into the schools with education and screenings. Our goal is to provide greater access to preventive care for these students and their families and ultimately reach more Philadelphia residents in the communities where they live, work and play.
  • Prescribe a Trail – Through a partnership with our region’s parks and trails, Main Line Health’s providers walk the trails with community members and use the time to discuss health issues related to physical activity, such as hydration, workout nutrition and how to pick shoes that fit. Learn about upcoming trail walks on Main Line Health’s Events & Classes page.

At Main Line Health, we’re not just physically located in the Philadelphia area. We strive to make ourselves part of the communities we serve. Through these types of partnerships, initiatives, educational programming and health screenings, we aim to create a culture of wellness and provide local residents with greater access to the care they need to stay healthy.

To learn more about Main Line Health’s commitment to the Philadelphia community, visit our website or call 866-225-5654.

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